Tansi Village Property Owners’ Association Annual Meeting April 20, 2013 

Chairman Tony Taffar called the meeting to order at 1:15 PM.
All joined in the Pledge of Allegiance to  the Flag.

Tony expressed thanks for all the volunteer work done in the neighborhood and then introduced the current Board
A motion was made to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the 2012 Annual Meeting. 
The motion was seconded and passed.  The minutes were accepted as recorded.
Don Porter presented the President’s Report.  
He  mentioned 4 members of the Tansi family that passed away since the last annual meeting.  A moment of silence was
held in their memory.  Don recognized Carol Todd, Donna Chrisley, and Carol Hutson for making Tansi Village debt free. The pool loan is completely paid off. 

He listed the following unexpected expenses:
a. The failure of the culvert on the causeway.  It is currently patched by Nix Marine with a temporary fix. 
He went into detail about the problems with the culvert.  There was much discussion and many questions about this
b. Nix Marine repaired the floating dock at a cost of $900.  A question was asked as to whether stainless steel was used. 
It was not.
c. Chlorinator for the pool failed so it was replaced with a saltwater system which is less  complicated to operate and should save money on chemicals.
d. A new fountain was purchased and installed in the pond because the old one failed.
e. 55 palm trees were trimmed and 3 pine trees were cut.

Other  accomplishments since the last annual meeting:
a. Contracted with Financial Solutions to assist with accounting functions
b. BJWSA has completed the $500,000 sewer repair work
c. Purchased a new weed eater for volunteers to use
d. Pete Chrisley awarded the contract for pool maintenance for this season
e. 4 liens have been filed.  One is still in place.
f. The ice machine has been removed due to inability to keep up with demand
g. $1000 was allocated for replacement furnishings around the pool. Tables, lounges, and hoses have been purchased.
Don reminded residents that golf carts should have headlights and reflectors if driven after dark and that residents should maintain their yards.

Committee Reports
Roads:  Don Porter
Dave Wentworth helped mark bad spots on the roads.  26 spots were identified to repair.  Two companies submitted proposals to (1) overlay, (2) cut out and subsurface, and asphalt. One price was $6800.  The second proposal was 3 times more expensive.  

Don said that, for right now, the plan was to watch the culvert. Nix Marine has submitted a proposal for $7200 to uncover the culvert, wrap it in fabric, cover with crush and run. Another contractor would have to replace the asphalt.  There was much discussion about the culvert and the repairs.  LCR was the original contractor and should be responsible for the problems, but they are no longer in business.
Prices have been received for an additional floating dock.  A 10’ X 60’ float would be $16,000.  A 10’ X 20”
float would be $4500.
There have been problems with pool use after hours. 
Codes:  Christy Smith 
Six permits have been issued for property improvement since the last Annual Meeting. 
Treasurer’s  Report: Carol Todd
(Hardcopy attached and passed out at meeting) 
Board voted to pay off the pool loan at $27,421.30.  This was done on April  16, 2013.  Balance on hand as of April 19, 2013 is $22,698.07.

Old Business:

1.   Revisions to Club House rules were sent to all members with the Annual Meeting information.  A motion was made to
accept the revisions.  The motion was seconded and passed by acclamation.

2.   There was a discussion about the use of Tansi Village amenities by visitors and  guests.
 It was stated that “guests” stay overnight at the property owner’s place with the property owner’s permission and are  entitled to use the amenities whether or not accompanied by the owner.  A “visitor” is someone who comes out  for the day and must be accompanied by the owner or member of the owner’s  family. There was a motion to  clarify the definitions of “visitors” and “guests” and their privileges in the  by-laws. The motion was seconded and  passed.
3.   There was much more discussion about the culvert on the causeway and possible solutions.  Dave Wentworth explained the problem and the best solution – to replace the culvert with proper installation.  Carol Hutson suggested that the work be done when Dave is at Tansi to oversee the project. 
New Business:

1.    Christy Smith explained that the Board was considering contracting with a Property Management Association.  She  explained the policy and procedures and discussed offers received from two that are being considered.  There was much lengthy discussion and many questions regarding prices and services offered. The motion was made to move forward with selecting and contracting with a PMA. The motion was seconded and carried.

2.      Motion was made, seconded and carried for Tansi Village to set up a reserve fund for upcoming large expenses.  The Board will decide on amount and method of setting up the fund.

 3.      Discussion of various upcoming projects to be prioritized. Motion made, seconded and carried to  coordinate the road repair with the culvert repair.  Adding lights to the pool to allow use after official sunset was discussed. A motion was made, seconded and carried by a vote of 35-21 to proceed with this project.  
4.     A request was made to install drains in the floors of the bathrooms at the pool to facilitate cleaning.  This was  considered a necessary project as part of the maintenance of the pool.  A motion was made, seconded and passed  for the Board to get prices and proposals to start the process.

 5.     There was discussion about dredging or building up the boat ramp and whether we still have a permit from DHEC. The permit must be renewed every 6 months.  It was agreed that we would put boat ramp repairs and a possible new floater for the big dock on a “wish list” for further improvements if funds are available.

 6.     Election  of Board members for 2013-2015: 
The following individuals were nominated and agreed to serve: Debbie  Eblen, Mike Mohrfeld, Robbie Brown, and Eddie

Motion was made, seconded and passed to  adjourn the meeting at 3:40 PM.
/s/ Christy G. Smith
Recording Secretary
The Annual POA meeting began with a prayer given by Carol Hutson.

The usual order of the Annual Meeting was changed slightly to allow for a speaker from Beaufort Jasper Water and Sewer (BJWS) to speak and answer questions before leaving.  Our speaker was Tricia Kilgore, Engineer/Capital Project Manager.

Ms. Kilgore began her presentation by explaining that the island had 2 fire hydrants that met the State codes for one meter every 1000 feet.  She noted that the fire hydrants had recently been inspected and painted by BJWS.

  Ms. Kilgore then gave members an overview of the sewer project conversion; a mandatory video inspection was done to identify specific problems.  She pointed out that grease was found in the pipes and stressed to residents that they should not pour grease down their drains.  BJWS is proposing to line the old pipes with a material that will correct breaks and sags in the pipes.  The material they plan to use is the best system currently available and has been used at the Naval Hospital and Paris Island.  Our conversion project is being combined with 3 other projects in Beaufort which will help to keep the cost down.  Ms. Kilgore said she hopes that our project will be completed by the end of the calendar year. 

She explained the 1% low interest loan that BJWS applied for was approved by DHEC. BJWS will not require Tansi residents to repay the cost of repairs ($243,526).

  Tansi residents currently getting water from BJWS will not have to pay a “tap” fee at the conclusion of the project.   Lots that do not currently have BJWS connection will have to pay a “tap” fee if they connect to water and sewer once the project is completed.   When our project is done BJWS will notify residents of the sewer charge to be added to their water bill.  She suggested that residents go to the BJWS website to check the base water/sewer fees. 

Ms. Kilgore stated that work will be done Monday – Friday.  There could be some interruption of service but the contractor should notify residents when possible.  She suggested that residents not on the island during the week may want to turn their water off during construction.    Tricia informed residents that if they receive an excessively high water/sewer bill due to an identified leak, they should contact BJWS to request a possible adjustment to their bill.    She told residents that if they have a sewage backup, to contact BJWS before calling a plumber.  BJWS will determine if the backup is a BJWS problem or a homeowner problem.  This may save the resident the cost of a plumber bill if the problem is on BJWS. 

At the end of Tricia’s presentation, Tara Farmer and Carol Hutson presented Tricia with a mock check on the behalf of Tansi to BJWS in the amount of $6966.71 for the remaining overdue balance on the sewer payment going back to June 1997.  This check represents the final payment toward an overdue balance of $13933.40 found when the 2010 Board was elected.    The “real” payment will be mailed to BJWS.

President’s Report

Carol Hutson, President, summarized what the duties of the Board President are.  She also explained how the original pool loan amount was increased by the past Treasurer (Bruce Mead) without the Board’s approval.  At the November, 2010 meeting, she also explained that 4 board resignations were given, one Board member was put on suspension as a result of his association dues being in arrears and the secretary was dismissed.

Carol noted the past year had been very difficult where the business of Tansi had to be restructured in order to meet our financial obligations and the needs of the community.  The Board concluded the year with 5 members.  Many meetings were held by the Board and the board meetings were changed to open sessions on the 3rd Saturday of the month.  Transparency, open-door policy and clarity were implemented.   

A copy of the president’s report will be on file with these minutes.

Secretary’s Report

Donna Chrisley, Recording Secretary reported that no minutes of the April 2010 Annual Meeting had been made available by the previous Tansi Secretary.  She reported that the main focus of the 2010 meeting was discussion on and approval of Tansi converting the sewage over to BJWS.

Donna also thanked members who during the past year had cut the grass, raked and cleaned in and around the clubhouse, cleaned the clubhouse floors, replaced the sink at the end of the dock, replaced screens on the clubhouse, painted and repaired the flagpole, endless hours of filing and setting up folders in the office, input into the computer and auditing our financial records.

 Lunch was prepared today by Cajun Veronie, Tom Boone and homemade bread by Jimmy Hoen.   

Treasurer’s Report

Tara Farmer, Treasurer gave the Annual Treasurer’s Report for 2011.  Balance in the checking account was $5373.45.  We had two unpaid dues in 2010 in the amount of $3000.00.  The projected income for 2011 was approximately $89125.  Tara reported that the Board had begun enforcing the following By-Laws and Covenants during the past year:  all members were billed association fees, members must pay their association dues in the month they are due, unless prior arrangements were made with the President and/or Treasurer, a 10% late fee voted on the by Association in September 1995 was charged and liens placed on property.  The Association electric bill was changed to a monthly “easy pay plan” with SCE&G.

Tara also reported the following cost saving changes were made this past year:  one of our insurances was paid by making a single annual payment which saved the Village $500.  The dumpsters were changed to a seasonal contract which saved the Village $1200/year.  A new contract was given to island residents for pool maintenance which saved $3600/year.  The dismissal of the paid secretary will save the residents over $6000/yr.  Two island residents cut grass last summer for several months which saved the residents over $2000/yr.  With the cost reductions implemented, approximately $13,000/yr. savings was anticipated.

Tara reported that previous statements made at Annual Meetings of the Village receiving a credit from BJWS were bogus.  Talks with and statements received from BJWS found that no credit had ever been received.    Tara also received a past due statement from BJWS in the amount of $13,933 for services received during the past 2 years.  

Other past due statements received were from Keith’s House of plumbing for services completed in 2009 in the amount of $994.25.  The accounting firm that prepared our taxes for several years was past due from 2008 in the amount of $2400.  In addition to this past due amount an added late fee of $259.20 was owed. 

Due to prior poor bookkeeping and the past due bills, Tara asked that the village create a Finance Committee made up of non-board members to oversee the office and assist in maintaining efficient and transparent accounting.

Tara provided members with a 2011 Treasurer’s Report, an assessment fee schedule, a copy of the BJWS Customer Transaction History from BJWS which did not reflect any credits to the water/sewer bill as had been erroneously reported by Mr. Johnson and noted in Annual Meeting minutes.

The membership voted to accept the Treasurers Report as given.

Standing Committee Report

Anne Nye, Committee Chair, reported on the following; Sewer – the status on the sewer project was given by Tricia Kilgore.  Roads – roads currently in need of repair in certain areas.  No plan to update at this time.  Greenbelt – the fountain is turned on for the weekend only to save money.  The pond looks good.  Currently have an alligator.  DNR to furnish signs warning of alligator and not to feed.   Grounds and Maintenance – no one will be hired at this time, we will depend on volunteers.  Codes – Ann reminded everyone to submit a drawing of intended work before work is done so that the Board could review.  Pool & Dock – the pool had to be closed last year due to a problem with the pump.  The pool was closed for short period due to algae.  Routine work is being done weekly year round.  The chemicals are checked daily during the summer months.    Dock – 3 lights were replaced during the winter.  Mr. Mixon donated the lights.   Some boards were replaced and aluminum screws used.  Cleats on the floating dock were secured or replaced during the year. 

AdHoc Committee Report

Pat Garvin, Chair, reported on the AdHoc Committee which was formed in August 19, 2010.  This committee was formed by the Board to address updating the By-Laws and Covenants and to work on a budget.  Due to the financial situation of the Village, the committee decided to focus on the following items:  preparing a budget for 2011-12, fairness of property dues, possible fee increase and accessing of penalties for failure to adhere to the By-Laws and Covenants.

In order to prepare a budget, it was decided to determine the amount of assessment fees, monthly expenditures and what type lot each member owned.  

The proposals were:  no fee increase for 2011, abide by the September 2, 1995 by-law change voted on by the membership to charge 1 T lot, 2 T logs or 1 M lot $500/annually, 2 M lots $1000/annually and 3 T lots $875/annually.  Enforce a late fee, also voted on previously by the association.  Place a lien on property with past due assessments at least 6 months.

Based on the recommendations a proposed budget of $89125 was presented.  Expenditures for the year would be $49551.  With the proposed budget and expenditures it was proposed to also set aside money for emergencies and to pay the pool balloon payment due in a few years.  With the pool debt being paid off, it was proposed that the village could be debt free and have a reserve account in place.

The Ado Committee also looked at updating the By-Laws and Covenants.  The recommendations were narrowed down to deleting the wording “renters” from the covenants and deleting and references to the Association cutting off or terminating sewer service due to non- payment of association fees.

Carol asked for volunteers to serve on any committee during the year.

The Association voted on and approved that the POA work toward going debt free within a 3 ½ year period.  

New Business

The following residents requested to speak but withdrew or were not in attendance when called:  Chad Mead, Cajun Veronie and Mike Mohrfeld.

Sherry McDaniel spoke on behalf of the Tansi Village Lady’s Club.  Sherry thanked Mike Mohrfeld for the donation of the machine and cleaning supplies used in cleaning the clubhouse floor.  She also noted that the Lady’s Club had purchased the new ceiling fans on the porch.  She encouraged residents to continue donating cans and said they almost have enough money to purchase another tree for the Greenbelt.   

Several residents asked that copies of minutes of Board Meetings and wanted results of the election to be sent via email.    Cajun suggested that we have a Tansi website.  Randy Ricard said that he had taken the website down last year but may be able to set it back up at no cost to the village. 

Nominations/Voting for Board of Directors

9 vacancies will occur this year.  Nominations were opened for 4 members for  one year and 5 members for a 2 year term.  12 nominations were made.  Members cast their ballots and the Annual Meeting was adjourned at approximately 3:35 p.m.

Results of voting: 

One year:  Tony Taffar

                    Carol Todd

                    Kathy Beaty

                    Cajun Veronie

                    Susan Rhoden – alternate

Two year:  Pat Garvin

                    Carol Hutson

                     Don Porter

                      Laura Henderson

                      Tara Farmer

                       Mike Mohrfeld – alternate

                       Robert Herring – alternate

Submitted by Donna Chrisley,  Recording Secretary

To all Tansi Property Owners,Just wanted to let all of you know that we have completed reviewing the By-laws and Covenants. The Board will review all suggestions, and determine which of the By-laws and Covenants will be up for a vote. Any By-law or Covenant dealing with using the sewer service to encourage property owners to pay assessment fees are going to be deleted. We will no lomger have jurisdiction over the sewer system when BJWSA takes over in April. I appreciate all those who helped me with this project.I am going to suspend putting the covenants in the blog. The purpose of placing the covenant in the blog was to get some input from the property owners to use at the meetings. I received no input from any property owners via the blog. Being that the committee has completed this project ,it is not necessary to continue. Should anyone want to send me your thoughts about any of the By-laws or covenants I will refer them to the Board. 
Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Beaty
Property Owner's at Tansi,I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family. I want to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year. The next ad-hoc meeting will be on Saturday, January 7th, 2012 at 10AM at the club house.We will be reviewing some of the suggested changes on the by-laws and probably will start reviewing the covenants. Your attendance at these meetings is encouraged. My last blog entry was on the covenants #1 and #2. This week I want to enter covenants #3. 

Covenant #3
All lots shall be used exclusively for mobile homes,camper trailers or single family permanently constructed residences.
( a) No mobile home under 12ft. in width and over 7 years in age construction shall be placed on any lot without prior inspection and written approval by delegated members of the "Association". 
(b) Plans for any appurtenances(this means additions) to existing structures or any dwelling of conventional permanent construction must be submitted to the Board for review and written approval prior to construction. 
(c) Not more than one single family dwelling or camper trailer may be brought upon any one such Class M mobile home or Class T camper trailer lot, nor more than one other building for garage or storage purposes in connection therewith, provided further, that such garage or storage building must be approved by the Board of Directors and shall not be constructed prior to the mobile home,camper or other dwelling being brought upon the property.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Beaty
_Tansi property owner's,Our next Ad-Hoc Committee on covenants and by-laws will be on January 7th, 2012 at 10:00AM at the clubhouse. The remaining meetings will be to review and make suggestions for changes on the covenants. There are 7 pages of Covenants, Restrictions, and Affirmative Obligations. We need as much input from the property owners as possible. We are a committee of 7-10 property owner's. You may have different ideas about what you want in the covenants than the members on the committee. There are 19 covenants. I am going to give you a couple of covenants each week. You can go to the blog and give us your input if you are not able to make the meetings. I will print off a copy of those blogs and read them at the meetings. The covenants this week are: 1. Membership into the Tansi Village Property Owner's Association, INC. is mandatory and automatic. All lot owners of record now and hereinafter will be considered to be members of the "Association" and shall have all rights and obligations pursuant to the By-Laws of said Association.  (I do not think this covenant will have any changes)2. The "Association" does hereby declare that all lands except that required to provide the services and facilities available to all property owners shall be used exclusively for residential purposes.  ( please note that the covenant reads Exclusively for residential purposes) that means no businesses and no rentals. Please give us your thoughts on this. Thanks,Kathy Beaty 
Just wanted to let everyone know that the Ad-Hoc Committee on by-laws and covenants met Oct. 22, 2011. This was the first meeting for this group. The meetings are open to all property owner's. We will be reviewing the by-laws and covenants to see if some may need to be revised. We will make recommendations to the Board, if the Board agrees then they will be brought before the property owner's for a vote at the annual meeting. It has been 10 years since any changes were made to the covenants. I will keep everyone  informed of our progress. We would like to have more property owners involved. If you want to sit in on the meetings to see what we are doing please join us. Our next meeting will be November 18, 2011 at 7:00PM.  The first item on all our agendas will be to discuss any concerns the property owners may have. You may also tell us what you would like to see changed. We hope to see you at the next meeting.  
Respectfully submitted,   Kathy Beaty
I have pasted the comments from the comment page here for easier reading.  If you have an entry for the BLOG [notification page], please email it to tansivillage@gmail.com.  Please make sure it is in the format you want it posted as I will not edit it for you ;) .   Have a great Tansi Day! 

Kathy Beaty


Thu, 13 Oct 2011 3:47:09 pm

There will be an AD-HOC Committee meeting on Oct. 22, 2011 at 10:00am at Tansi Club House. We are developing this committee to review and revise covenants/by-laws for Tansi Village Subdivision.Any property owner may attend. We hope you can become a part of this group.
Thanks, Kathy Beaty


Sherry McMichael

Tue, 26 Jul 2011 2:26:55 am

The website looks great....Please take time to look through the pictures....they are BEAUTIFUL....it is a great reminder of how lucky we are to be a part of such a beautiful place and amazing community. Thanks Randy for all the hard work on this great site.

Thea and Scott Brooks

Wed, 03 Aug 2011 6:14:37 am

Thea and Scott Brooks

Wed, 03 Aug 2011 6:16:22 am

Just read the latest E-Board newsletter. Great job Tansi Board! Special thanks to Tara for the financial report and Carol for the organization. Love it!! Keep up the good work.

Jim Nehf

Wed, 03 Aug 2011 7:17:22 am

Not sure if this is the right place for it, but there are lots of bamboo poles laying on the ground on the East side of our house (18 Tomahawk Tr.) that are free for the taking if anyone thinks they can make good use of them. Just be careful of the AC unit when removing them.

Donna Chrisley

Thu, 04 Aug 2011 11:03:14 am

Thanks for getting this site up and running again.

Carol Todd

Fri, 02 Sep 2011 6:41:45 am

This was EMailed to me by Donna Crisley.
She asked me to put it on the Tansi wedsite.




Deborah Mixon

Thu, 22 Sep 2011 2:22:20 pm

Sad that there is a thief on the island! We moved here because we thought it was a very safe place. Now everything has to be constantly put under lock and key. I hope the person breaking into cars will be removed from the island since "he" cannot be trusted!

Deborah Mixon

Thu, 22 Sep 2011 2:22:39 pm

Tansi Board of Directors

Fri, 07 Oct 2011 4:52:13 am

New County Ordiance banning outdoor burning of trees, leaves, tree brances, yard trimmings, clippings and other natural vegetation within 75 feet of a structure or road. Ordiance number 2011/31. September 26, 2011
Violation of this new ordiance may be punishable by a fine of up to $100.00 , or up to 30 days imprisonment.

Laura and Jim nehf

Fri, 07 Oct 2011 11:17:30 am

hey folks
Jim and I drove down from Athens today and were looking forward to a nice afternoon by the pool. Realize the pool itself is closed for the season but why is the patio locked.
Never saw anything on the bulletin about that. Really disappointing, Your thoughts?